Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ever wonder were to find awesome underground metal?

ever talk to a fellow metalhead who just seemed to know ever so many more extremely under ground kvlt bands that were sic as fuck?
well look no further, my youtube friend oabbasi is bringing you tons of uploads all the time, he usually uploads about four vids a week of the most brutal, underground metal out there.
check him out if you are looking for new bands

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mustis and ICS Vortex no longer in Dimmu Borgir!!!!!!!!!

Dimmu Borgir has issued a statement confirming that I.C.S. Vortex (bass, clean vocals) and Mustis (keyboards) have left the band:

"We regret to inform you that we have parted ways with both I.C.S. Vortex [bassist, clean vocalist] and Mustis [keyboards]. However, we do want to make it perfectly clear that the creative force in the band is highly intact, perhaps even more so than ever. With that being said, we're currently working on our next album and are excited to start a new chapter in the legacy that is Dimmu Borgir."

Both Vortex (Simen Hestnæs) and Mustis (Øyvind Mustaparta) had been in Dimmu Borgir since 1998. Mustis released his own statement, in which he says he was fired from the band via text message.

Mustis (real name: Øyvind Mustaparta), the former keyboardist for the Norwegian symphonic black metal band DIMMU BORGIR, has released the following statement:

"Attention to all the worldwide fans of my work with DIMMU BORGIR: I feel that I must begin my note to you all by saying that your dedication and interest in my musical work with DIMMU BORGIR has been greatly appreciated by me for many, many years and you all have motivated me to continue to push the creative envelope farther each and every day.

"You might be able to see where this note is heading and if you are thinking correctly you will know that I am informing you all that I am no longer associated with the band and have left the ranks of DIMMU BORGIR effective immediately.

"My departure was not entirely of my own accord and while I had felt this change was something imminent for my future, my time had been spent addressing the fact that many songs written by me had not been registered properly under my name in their credits. Without naming every single track, let us just say that a good majority of albums like'Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia' and 'In Sorte Diaobli' would have been vastly different had I not composed and created as much as I actually did. Sadly, based on terrible gaps in the communication process and a failure to find logical rationale for why this had been done this way found me hitting wall after wall as opposed to finding a professional and reasonable solution to the problem. My inquiries and investigation into the issues which I wished to resolve and move on from would in the end find me being fired from the group. No discussions about it, just 'goodbye' (via text message).

"I can say to you that this was not a new dispute and is something that has been going on for some years and since these are my individual creative rights and work that are being denied of me, we shall now let the resolution come from the lawyers instead of dealing with more dishonesty and lies on a one-on-one personal level. On this I cannot say anymore because we will be walking into sticky legal territory.

"I mentioned earlier that my fans have motivated me to create great music again and again and they should know that I will continue to do this and shall return to them in the not-too-distant future with material that I hope will keep their metal needs fed.

"In advance, I will say that I thank you for notes and texts of support and ask that you please understand that there is not much more I can say on this, nor will be able to answer every single message that I get. I ask you to please keep tabs on my official MySpace page. I will do my best to post what I am legally allowed to share with you so you remain informed."

Friday, September 17, 2010

death/black metal vocalizing styles

Probably the biggest "hot topic" of debate when it comes to metalheads is the vocal stylings known as "growling".  metal is the only genre of music that incorporates vocals that arent "clean-voice" (archetypical singing).  many people are opposed to the idea of growling; the primary reason being the fact that they cant comprehend the lyrics, due to the natural distortion of the vocal chords.  they see no reason for the singers to 'mutilate' their voice this way.  there are multiple reasons for a metalhead to prefer and enjoy growling as opposed to clean-voice.  the first being the instrumentation of "power" that most clean voice tends to lack.  there are exceptions to this, as with all rules, for example: maynard keenan of the band tooland a perfect circle, and ICS vortex formerly of the band dimmu borgir (and many other bands including lamented souls, arcturus, borknagar, ved buens ende, and dagoba).  however for the most part, when you take the face-melting earth-shattering riffs and drums of a death metal song, and put it behind the whiny sing-song clean-voice vocalizing, it is extremely apparent that the vocals can't match up.  as far as comprehension of lyrics go, death metal focuses on the instrumentation and sound of a song, as opposed to words say.  not to say the lyrics of a death/black metal song can just be disregarded,  some of them are quite profound,  and some of them are badass as fuck.  after years of listening to these types of vocalizing, one can begin to easily decipher the words "behind" the growl, and fully enjoy what the music and lyrics together have to offer.